Call for Applications Now Open: 2015-2016 Pacific NexGen Artists

The Pacific Islands Society (PacSoc) is pleased to announce the second edition of its Next Generation (NexGen) Pacific Artists Program, which targets visual artists (aged < 35) from the Pacific Islands region. The program provides participants with a global stage to showcase their talents. Successful applicants will be given their own virtual gallery on the newly redesigned Islands Society website. They will also be given marketing and communications support to create global awareness for their talents, especially among the visual art communities in the European Union, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States.

The program is open to next generation artists from the following countries, states, and territories: Pacific Islands Forum member states (e.g., Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, etc.), U.S. Pacific States and Territories (e.g., Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, etc.), French Pacific Overseas Departments (e.g., New Caledonia, French Polynesia), Archipelagic Southeast Asia (e.g., Indonesia, Philippines, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei), Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Japan.

Prospective applicants should forward a one-page expression of interest, 5-10 high-resolution photos of their best work, and any coverage that their art has received in your local media to by 17:00 GMT on October 15, 2015.

The Pacific Islands Society is an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting stronger people-people relations between the Pacific Island Countries and beyond. Through its speaking series, cultural events, and annual campaigns, PacSoc brings together some of the region’s most influential minds to discuss major political, economic, environmental, and social issues facing the Pacific Islands– all while celebrating the vibrant cultures that make the region so unique and valuable to the global community. For additional information, visit Pacific Islands Society Website.

The NexGen Pacific Artists Program is an annual program of the Pacific Islands Society that seeks to create global awareness for the talents of young artists in the Pacific Islands Region. The program provides young artists with virtual galleries to showcase their works and marketing and communications support to create awareness for their talents. Past participants have received extensive media coverage from their participation in the program. For additional information, visit the Next Generation Artists Website.

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