Give Tinian and Pagan Power to Decide Future of Proposed Military Training

The US Department of Defense has announced plans to expand military training in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), including converting the entire island of Pagan into a live-fire training range. Currently, local activists and legislators are mobilizing against the Pentagon’s proposals though environmental organizations and online communities. The Pacific Islands Society therefore believes that it’s time to give the local officials and residents in the community the final word on these proposals. That is why we have authored a new petition that demands that CNMI hold a public referendum on the matter. Such a referendum would ensure that all sides are able to present their reasons for supporting and/or opposing the final plans put forth by the Pentagon. Yet, it would also ensure that the final decision on the proposals rests with the members of the communities most affected. We therefore ask that you join our campaign on Help us empower these islanders to have the final say on how their land is used.


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