Sea Islands Society Announces Voices on Hilton Head Island Vision 2030 – 3/7/16

The Sea Islands Society is pleased to announce the launch of a new community platform for those with an interest in the future of Hilton Head Island to share their dreams for what Hilton Head Island should look like in 2030.

Specifically, Hilton Head Island Vision 2030 Voices will provide community leaders with a platform to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the ten themes already identified by the Mayor and Town Council.

For the Sea Islands Society, the goal of Hilton Head Island Voices 2030 is to provide community leaders with a platform to express their own ideas, opinions, suggestions, and criticisms on the issues that will most impact the future of Hilton Head Island.

For example, Hilton Head Island Vision 2030 Voices will provide a platform for community leaders to explore questions such as how the theme of strong tourism will affect diversity and inclusiveness on Hilton Head Island. Or, how the themes around nature and conservation will affect the mitigation of sea level rise.

Community leaders interested in participating in Hilton Head Island Vision 2030 Voices should reach out to James Carroll, Managing Director of the Sea Islands Society, at by March 30, 2016.

About the Islands Society

The Islands Society is a “Top-Rated” American 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to respect, inspire, and empower islanders around the world. These projects are currently organized around two main themes: community projects and next generation leaders. The community projects center on ten issue areas, including charity, conservation, democracy, disaster relief, education, equality, health, innovation, security, and sustainability. Meanwhile, the next generation leader projects support artists, athletes, chefs, incubators, musicians, policymakers, storytellers, and technologists. The Islands Society is based on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


Image Credit: Lee Coursey via Flickr CC

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