Island Voices by the Islands Society: A New Blog on Insular Affairs – 3/15/16

Welcome to Island Voices!

As an official blog of the Islands Society, Island Voices is intended to provide senior policymakers and other leaders with a platform to share their perspectives on the most important policy issues impacting island communities around the world. It is also designed to provide a new mechanism through which women, minorities, and young leaders in island communities can showcase their talents as scholars and journalists.

Island Voices aims to regularly publish interviews conducted by our staff, fellows, and members. These interviews are intended to stimulate thinking and discussion about the relationship between insular affairs and other policy research topics, including climate change, international law, international security, and public diplomacy.

We hope you will find Island Voices to be of interest! If so, we encourage you to comment on our posts and on the comments of others. While all comments will be moderated, we will do our best to get approved comments onto the website as quickly as possible.

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