Puerto Rican Finalist of International Children’s Peace Prize Recognized as Caribbean Female Leader – 3/16/16

The Islands Society is pleased to announce that it has selected Jeanesha Stephanie Bou Rojas as the inaugural “Caribbean Female Leader.”

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Rojas was recognized for her notable achievements in bringing awareness to human trafficking.

Currently in her final year of high school, Rojas was the first Puerto Rican to be named one of three finalists for the International Children’s Peace Prize this past year. Additionally, she has been recognized by the Department of State of Puerto Rico, the Senate of Puerto Rico, and the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Rojas joins a growing network of Local Female Leaders leading positive change in island communities. The Islands Society believes that local female leaders in the Caribbean should be given a global platform to share their insights on how the health and well-being of girls and women can be improved in island communities around the world.

Through the Caribbean Female Leaders Program, the Islands Society recognizes a local female leader from the Caribbean each quarter. That individual then is given an opportunity to share her insights on how the health and well-being of girls and women can be improved in island communities based on her own life experiences.

Explaining that her fight against human trafficking began as a project with the Girl Scouts in Puerto Rico, she vowed to continue her work once that project was completed. “My project had begun in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and because many were not aware that human trafficking even existed there, in that way I was able to begin making small but important changes in people’s lives,” she says. Her work continues today on both the local and global level.

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Rojas Interview (English and Spanish):

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