Waikoloa Elementary and Middle School Teacher Recognized with Tomodachi Award – 6/13/19

The Islands Society is pleased to announce its official recognition of Starr Asselin for her efforts to inspire and empower children in the Pacific Islands Region.

Tomodachi Award

The Tomodachi Award is an annual award that recognizes the staff member or program participant who most exceeded the requirements established for their position. This year, the Islands Society recognizes Starr Asselin for her lesson plan to educate Grade 3-5 children about leadership in the context of the exploration of the Pacific.

About Islands Society

The Islands Society is an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to inspire and empower islanders to participate in foreign affairs and overseas engagements in order to affect positive change in their local communities. The nonprofit develops and implements projects that are designed to help islanders realize their full potential on the world stage. 

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