Michael Edward Walsh

Michael Edward Walsh is the Chief Executive Officer at the Islands Society.


  • Position: President
  • Location: United States
  • Experience: Senior Fellow at Georgetown University; ICC Vice Chair at National Press Club; WSD-Handa Fellow at CSIS; Next Generation Fellow at American Assembly; Young Leader at Pacific Forum; Senior MarCom Manager at Microsoft
  • Education: University of London (PhD*); Harvard Business School (ExecEd); Johns Hopkins SAIS (MA); The Johns Hopkins University (BA)
  • Email: president@islandssociety.org
  • Linkedin: ———-

Keiko Ono

Keiko Ono is the Vice President of the Islands Society.


  • Position: Executive Director
  • Location: Japan / Papua New Guinea
  • Experience: Strategic Trade and Investment at British Embassy; Policy Researcher at Zambia Imagine Rural Development Initiative; Co-President of Societies at SOAS Student Union
  • Education: SOAS, University of London (BA)
  • Email: vicepresident@islandssociety.org
  • Linkedin: keikoono

Laurent Ajdnik

Laurent Ajdnik is the Managing Director of Partnerships.

  • Position: Managing Director
  • Location: France
  • Experience: Senior Manager at SNCF; Partner at Haxone International; Vice President at Emerging Science and Technology Policy Centre
  • Education: INSA-Lyon (BS/MSc)
  • Email: marcom@islandssociety.org
  • LinkedIn: ———-