Our Story

Since he graduated university, Eddie has been blessed with opportunities to live around the world. The majority of these places have been islands. They include the British Isles, Hawaii, Indonesia, Japan, and the Barrier Islands of South Carolina. Everytime a new adventure has come calling, he has realized just how hard it was to remain connected to the friends that he left behind. In 2010, Eddie started to prepare for his PhD dissertation. It was then that he found the inspiration to build a virtual platform to bridge the geographic boundaries that separate islanders around the world. After moving to London, it soon became clear that it was not only difficult for a wanderer like himself to stay connected. But, it was equally hard for native islanders to reach out beyond their communities to others. And, he learned that many in the islander diaspora still found it difficult to connect with friends and family back home. So, he set out to establish a grassroots organization to bridge the divide between islanders and the rest of the world. With time and the help of new friends, this grassroots organization transformed into the Islands Society. Along the way, the organization has been able to connect with tens of thousands of islanders the world over. It has also been able to provide opportunities for young islanders from six countries to gain the knowledge, mentorship, networks, and exposure necessary to compete on the global stage. In the next year, the Islands Society plans to expand its community even further with the launch of new communities for the Baltic Sea Islands, Japanese Remote Islands, Inland Islands, and Sea Islands (Georgia/South Carolina). While the organization continues to grow and transform, it remains committed to its three essential values of respecting, inspiring, and empowering islanders the world over.