Our Values


The Islands Society is committed to the cultivation of positive relationships between all islanders in the local communities that we serve.


The Islands Society promotes opportunities where individuals from all cultures and backgrounds may succeed.


The Islands Society, through its staff and volunteers, strives for excellence and always holds participants in its programs to the highest standards.


The Islands Society is committed to creating a community that acts with honesty and forthrightness by holding itself to the highest ethical standards.


The Islands Society supports the development and distribution of policies that contribute to knowledge and understanding of major policy issues affecting islanders.

Public Interest

The Islands Society embodies the highest standards of service and stewardship of resources and works within wider communities to contribute to societal good.


The Islands Society values and respects everyone that it serves and recognizes that our staff, volunteers, donors, and partners contribute to our success.


The Islands Society believes that every human being is entitled to basic necessities and has a natural right to freedom from fear.