Official Statement on Paris Attacks from the Islands Society

Friday 13th is a lucky day according to French tradition. Last night, friends and families were enjoying a deserved rest after a tiring week. No one could have imagined that just another day was about to turn into a nightmare.

As we now know, blind violence struck Paris last night. Six attacks across the city killed over 120 people. Hundreds more were injured. And the rest of us were traumatized.

Today, the entire country woke up dizzy and stunned. As a French citizen, I would like thank everyone who has expressed their solidarity with our people. Your words of encouragement really do matter. They stand as testament that we are not alone.

Whatever the reasons given, whatever the demands expressed, there can be no justifications for such savagery. But, we will not succumb to fear. We will stand united against barbarism. We will fight for a world where mutual respect is the norm. That is how we honor the victims.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!

Laurent Ajdnik is a member of the Board of Directors at the Islands Society. He is also a partner at a business strategy consulting firm in Lyon, France.

Security Threats in the Pacific Essay Competition: Selected Essays

A few months ago, the Islands Society issued an open call to young scholars across the Pacific Islands region to submit an essay on a contemporary security challenge facing the region. Specifically, we asked them to answer: “What is the biggest security threat facing Pacific Islanders today?” In the end, we received submissions from five countries across the region. These submissions were then reviewed by our staff and the selected essays were professionally edited.


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