Meet Our Local Female Leaders.

Every month, the Islands Society recognizes a local female leader from a different island community around the world. We then provide that woman with an opportunity to share her insights on how the health and well-being of girls and women can be improved based on her own life experiences.

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Hear What They Have to Say.

“I honestly believe that a major factor affecting or preventing our Pacific women from excelling in their talents is self-confidence. What is lacking within our Pacific societies are programmes or workshops aimed at character building exercises to boost self-confidence in women.” – Millicent Barty

“In 2015, there remains a proverbial glass ceiling in academia, global think tanks and diplomacy. For women to break through it, we need not only the support of women leaders but also men to act as champions for women to lead as well.” – Nicole Forrester

“If you look now, the largest newsgroups are headed by women. That said, the funny thing is in our culture, the women still stand behind their men in general.” – Maria Ressa

“I think women intuitively network. We like to work collaboratively with lots of partners. This ability to think laterally and look at things from many different angles is an asset.” – Dr. Lisa Crampton