Pago Pago, American Samoa — September 21, 2014 — Earlier today, the Pacific Islands Society announced that a search is currently underway for a nonprofit legal adviser, an accountant, and donors to support the Board of Directors’ 2015 initiative to establish their regional headquarters in American Samoa.

“The Pacific Islands Society has been recognized as a global thought leader for our work on inspiring and empowering Pacific Islanders,” say Keiko Ono, Vice President at the Pacific Islands Society. “We are already reaching more Pacific Islanders through social media than some of the biggest regional think tanks. In order to continue to grow our programs and our partnerships, we recognize that we now need to bring aboard respected advisers and trusted donors who can help us establish an office in American Samoa. If we are successful with this initiative, we can ensure that American Samoa is recognized the world over as a thought leader on policies affecting the Pacific Islands.”

The Board of Directors at the Pacific Islands Society will commence their search immediately. The organization plans to target law firms, accounting practices, and other corporations that are committed to developing a more vibrant nonprofit sector in the Pacific territories.

About the Pacific Islands Society (PacSoc)

The Pacific Islands Society is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organization that develops and implements projects that inspire and empower Pacific islanders around the world. These projects are currently organized around next generation leaders. PacSoc’s next generation leader projects help artists, musicians, policymakers, and technologists realize their full potential on the world stage.

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