The Pacific Century is already proving to be one of enormous challenges for Pacific Islands Countries. Traditional and non-traditional security threats remain a constant obstacle to development and prosperity. To ensure a safe and sustainable future, these challenges must be met with innovative solutions and decisive action. The good news is that the peoples of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia have always proved resilient and resourceful. For centuries, these societies have thrived living on some of the planet’s furthest frontiers—protecting their families, their cultures, and their futures. Today, these societies face a number of new and emerging security challenges. From mitigating the threat posed by emerging technologies to addressing the myriad challenges of climate change — these efforts will require local, regional, and international cooperation.


That’s where the Pacific Islands Society steps in. Here at PacSoc we’ve created the Pacific Security Scholars Program to work with academics, business leaders, civil society, and governments around the globe to help address these challenges head-on. Our Pacific Security Scholars help fill key gaps in research and provide invaluable strategic insight into how these challenges must be met. In doing so, they ensure the Pacific Century will be one of improved human security and further prosperity in the region.


As always, we’re constantly working to develop new and exciting opportunities for our scholars to gain an audience in the international arena. Our goal is to ensure that the people who need to hear their message do, and that they take action.


We here at PacSoc recognize the scale of the challenge in addressing the security in the Pacific Islands region—but above all, we remain optimistic that by uniting this generation’s greatest minds we can and will find solutions.