Leading non-profit seeks experienced professionals in public diplomacy, security, and development to participate in unique mentorship program for next generation policymakers in the Pacific Islands

Honolulu, Hawaii — Following the success of its inaugural class, the Islands Society is proud to see the second class of Pacific Security Scholars launch later this year.

In the past, a vital part of the program’s success has come from the invaluable insights provided to the participants by a select group of senior mentors. Mentors in the inaugural class included senior policy experts from Japan, UK and the United States. Thanks to their support, participants received considerable media coverage and recognition from regional news outlets and major think tanks.

In the words of past participant Lora Vaioleti, ‘During my year as a Pacific Security Scholar, I was issued a figurative pass to access regional experts on the Pacific. This helped me to build a picture of the broad challenges that our region faces. Along the way, I came to understand how willing many are to share their thoughts and discuss the issues with young leaders. And, I found these engagements to be both heartening and enlightening. Given the challenges of climate change as a risk-multiplier across our region, I believe that the timing of the Pacific Security Scholars Program is critical. Through the program, [the Islands Society] offers a unique balance of mentorship, structure, networks, and generous insight to young leaders.’

The Islands Society is therefore calling on experienced professionals who are passionate about fostering the next generation of influential thought leaders in the Pacific Islands to become a part of the mentorship program.

Criteria of Mentors:

  • Must have 15+ years of professional experience in diplomacy, foreign policy, and security issues
  • Experience working in the Pacific region or familiarity with the region is preferred

Responsibilities of Mentors include:

  • Agreeing to virtually contact young leader(s) on a monthly basis
  • Agreeing to advise and support participants in the development and completion of research projects via virtual correspondence
  • Agreeing to provide suggestions on mentors for future programs

All interested mentors are asked to contact Keiko Ono, the Vice President of the Pacific Islands Society, at vicepresident@islandssociety.org.

About the Pacific Security Scholars Program

The Pacific Security Scholars Program one of the five Next Generation Leaders Programs at the Pacific Islands Society. It is focused on promoting young leadership across the Pacific Islands. The PSS Program is aimed specifically at strengthening the engagement and capacity of the policy makers of tomorrow to engage in the global decisions that they will ultimately inherit. Participants receive exclusive insight from mentors who provided one-to-one support in the professional development of our young leaders. Participants are in turn provided the opportunity to share these insights.

Website: www.islandssociety.org/projects/next-generation-leaders/next-generation-scholars/security-scholars/

About the Islands Society

The Islands Society is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organization that develops and implements projects that inspire and empower islanders around the world. These projects are currently organized around two main themes: community projects and next generation leaders. The society’s community projects center on ten issue areas, including charity, conservation, democracy, disaster relief, education, equality, health, innovation, security, and sustainability. Meanwhile, the society’s next generation leader projects help artists, athletes, chefs, incubators, musicians, policymakers, storytellers, and technologists realize their full potential on the world stage.