Jeffry Feeger

As an inaugeral participant in the Pacific Next Generation Artists Program, I was given a unique opportunity to promote my work online alongside the works of other talented artists from the Pacific region.

In my home of Papua New Guienea, there is quite limited institutional support for contemporary art. So, any constructive initiative to promote art in the region and internationally is welcomed by artists like myself.

One of the major strengths of the Pacific Next Generation Artists Program is that it enables young artists to establish a collective presence. In this way, we can be supportive of each other’s passions and encourage one another’s growth.

As an organization, the Pacific Islands Society gives artists the global marketing and communications platforms that they need to be able to influence the cultural emergence and intellectual growth of the Pacific region.

From my perspective, the arts enhance our sensitivity toward our expressions. Personally, I am excited to be part of the cross-pollination of ideas happening virtually that are rapidly evolving unpresidented creative diversity in our world. In an age of rapid globalisation and dispruptive innovation, I believe that cultural sensitivity is paramount to the coehesion of regional and global communities.

Ultimately, the identification and celebration of artistic talent helps to foster cultural icons whom of which help to raise the profile of the arts in our region. Since I would like to see and to be a part the emergence of a cultural renaissance in the Pacific, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such initiatives.